Ethos & Values

At Henriette Le Forestier Preparatory School we aim to flood the school with positivity and the belief that educational excellence can be achieved through the adoption of the ethos and values stated below:

Core values

  • Compassion;
  • Courage;
  • Hope;
  • Integrity;
  • Justice;
  • Respect;
  • Responsibility;
  • Wisdom.

We reflect Christian values but are sympathetic to and respect all faiths.


Our philosophy

What we believe we all need to do:

  • Choose a positive attitude;
  • Be there for each other (on time, regularly, listen to each other);
  • Make someone’s day (respect adults and pupils, make someone smile, be kind – they will be kind back);
  • School should be hard work for all of us - but it should be fun too (for adults as well as pupils).


Our Learning Pledge

We pledge to ensure that we all learn (adults and pupils). We do so best when:

  • We are confident, able and our needs for safety and security are met;
  • Learning is fun;
  • Others care if we learn;
  • We can use our best learning style;
  • Learning is well planned and interesting;
  • We understand the whole picture (not just one bit);
  • We are told regularly how well we are doing and how to get better.
  • Code of Conduct
  • Do as you’re told, when you’re told;
  • Listen in silence;
  • Keep hands, feet, objects and unkind comments to yourself.



  • Cups and certificates in assembly
  • House points for good behaviour and work
  • House of the week awards
  • Pupil of the week awards
  • Punctuality and Attendance rewards
  • Pupils' work displayed around the school
  • Head Teacher/Deputy Head Teacher awards
  • Individual praise and encouragement



  • Redirect the child to the task
  • Engage the child in positive behaviour
  • Change of seat
  • Address behaviour with individuals
  • Address behaviour with whole class (if appropriate)
  • Withdrawal of playtime by Head or Deputies
  • Place the child 'on report' (yellow card to be signed by parents)
  • Fixed term exclusion (at Head's discretion)
  • Permanent exclusion (at Head's discretion, see exclusion procedure)