Acorn Nursery

“Tell me and I forget Teach me and I remember Involve me and I learn” Piaget

Children join the Acorn Nursery when they turn two. To assist in meeting our aims to enable children to become an articulate, confident, curious, creative and independent learners, the groups are set as Caterpillar Class (2/3 years) and Butterfly Class (3/4 years).

We put a strong emphasis on building social skills and recognise that each child brings a different talent to our Nursery. These qualities help to make our Nursery a fascinating learning environment.

Our Nursery does not exceed 30 children and key groups are formed of 6-8 children to assist learning and development.

The curriculum is outlined in the “Learning at Acorn Nursery” section.

Each day there is a range of informal and focused activities that link with the current topic / book of the week.

Each week, a new book is introduced with a range of activities provided for each child to explore, experiment and complete with support and attention. Examples may include: The stories of Eric Carle, Harvest/Farm themed stories, Road Safety etc. In addition, there is a weekly sensory activity which enhances the children’s learning.

A weekly update of our topic / events is communicated by ParentMail (email service for parents) giving details on areas covered and a fun task is given to complete with parental support e.g. Five Little Ducks story – Visit the park to feed the ducks. Parents are invited to send in pictures to be added to the children’s Learning Journey books which becomes a connection between home and Nursery life. In addition, they are a very useful resource during sharing time enabling the children to speak, show and share their experiences with peers and teachers. It becomes a keepsake given to families at the end of the Early Years stage.

Proud Clouds are another important link between home and nursery where parents can share actions, words of kindness, politeness and special moments.

As part of the Prep School, the Nursery attends some assemblies and has access to the specialist teachers in Music and PE.

Music and Performances

Acorn Nursery classes attend music sessions every week and learn new songs and work with an array of instruments.

Every half term (6 weeks approximately) the Nursery perform a show for their families in the Music Room. Examples include: Rhyme Time Show, Christmas play, Valentine Show, Easter songs and a Summer Celebration.


Our PE specialist takes the older children for physical development lessons in preparation for the transition to Reception. In addition, all children prepare for the annual Nursery Sports Day held in the grounds to demonstrate skills developed throughout the year.


Our Nursery works on a selection of projects / topic work. Previous creations including clay hedgehogs and displays based on our Farm topic. The children create paintings, drawing and collage work to take home and often have work displayed within the school.