Learning Support / Special Educational Needs

Henriette Le Forestier Preparatory School is committed to providing equal access for all its pupils to the broad and balanced curriculum which it offers and to which they are entitled. Children with specific learning difficulties may at times require specialist support, on a short-term or more permanent basis.

We do our best to ensure that all children with specific learning difficulties are identified and supported in school, particularly where the child is not achieving their potential due to learning differences.

Initially, the Class Teacher or parent may raise any concerns he or she may have about a particular child and their needs will be assessed by the SENCo who will then recommend an initial course of action or further assessment.

Children with a specific learning difficulty may be allocated individual sessions with the SENCo on a daily/weekly basis. The timetabling of these sessions is agreed in consultation with Class Teachers and parents.

Where additional resources are required to support a child, the school will make reasonable adjustments where possible.

Our SENCo, Miss Ryan, is happy to discuss any concerns that parents may have. Please make an appointment either directly with Miss Ryan (sue.ryan@hlfprep.co.uk) or through the school office.