Cafe HLF

Cafe HLF is our own permanent in-house catering team. All food is prepared and served on-site daily. Our team has vast experience and supports children with their choices and reviews the menu every term.

We promote healthy eating through assemblies and trips. We are a nut free zone and offer vegetarian, pork and dairy free options every day.

Lunch is served at midday. The menu varies throughout the year depending on seasonal produce and availability (see Lunch Menu).

The menu is set out on a seven week rota for each half term and will be revised and renewed at the end of the term. Updates will be available on-line and at the school office.

There is a hot meal, vegetarian option every day. There is also a pasta option, jacket potatoes with fillings, sandwiches and salad selection. Fish and chips are reserved for Fridays only!

Special lunches include Harvest Feast, Christmas dinner, Ploughman’s, Valentines surprise and street parties.

Desserts include a selection from fruit salad, cake with custard, bakes, yoghurts and cheese with crackers. Nursery and Reception are also given prepared fruit and milk at snack time every day.


Current favourites include:

–      Mild Chili Con Carne with Rice

–      Shepherd’s Pie

–      Macaroni Cheese

–      Thursday Roast

–      Chicken drumsticks

–      Meatballs with Noodles

–      Sponge with Chocolate sauce

–      Apple Crumble with Custard

–      Jelly and ice-cream

–      Gingerbread pudding


Parents are welcome to come in and join the pupils for lunch at any time – please call the main office to confirm.

See our Lunch Menus here