School Library

We are very proud of our well-stocked library, where the children can find an extensive selection of age-appropriate books and newspapers. We have a comprehensive range of fiction and non-fiction catering for all tastes and abilities, including a wide selection of dyslexia-friendly books and a section for non-English language books, all set out in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

All classes have at least one weekly, supervised session in the library when they can enjoy browsing through the books at their leisure and select which books to borrow, read the “First News” newspapers, have a story read to them, take part in topical activities and generally enjoy all the services the library has to offer. 

We believe that giving children the opportunity to meet an author has a huge impact on their reading habits, in many cases inspiring even the most reluctant reader to pick up a book. To this end, the Library organises a number of author visits to the school across all age ranges. In fact, the children are all published authors in their own right through their individual pieces in our “We Are Writers” anthologies, collated by the Library and published by Scholastic Books.

Along with sponsored reads, Library User of the Month awards, Book Fairs, Dahl Days, Book Days and other activities, we believe this all adds up to a great way to promote a love of reading amongst our children.