Academic clubs

This term, academic clubs include:


 ICT Club

The ICT suite is available for children to complete project work. This informal session is an extension to the work within classes allowing children to develop their skills in coding, Mathletics and graphics work.



The Latin Club is designed to give children a good understanding of Latin. It is our newest club and offered to a variety of year groups. Our own motto “Credo Spero Amo” reminds us to be inspired by faith, hope and love.


Literacy / Handwriting

This is an extension club for children who wish to spend more time working on stories and handwriting. Set in the Writing Den in the Junior Playground, this small group work on projects and set tasks.


Maths Booster

Children who are preparing for entrance examinations or require additional support are invited to attend Maths Booster Club.


Prep Club

An opportunity for children to complete homework with supervision offered daily from 3.30pm – 4.30pm (except Wednesday for sporting fixtures).


Reading with Amber

Children are selected to read with the working Labradoodle, Amber. Her gentle nature encourages children to relax and gain confidence while increasing their reading abilities.


Science Club

“We should not teach children the sciences but give them a taste for them” – Jean Jaques Rosseau

Science Club allows children to explore, investigate and discover the core subject in a stimulating learning environment. Activities involve practical experiments, investigation, discussion and reflection. Often taking place outdoors, the sessions are designed to be fun. Children engage in hands-on activities that are as entertaining and educational.



Children are invited to an informal conversational club on Wednesday to use Spanish or learn some basic Spanish. Our Language teacher uses many different resources to engage and encourage everyone to use different languages – especially coming up to International Day!


 Thinking Skills

Children in our “Rainbow Stars” groups are invited to attend “Thinking Skills” for extension. This includes puzzles, chess, games and strategic thinking lessons.